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"blood on my potatoes"

-heavy burlap sack, spray paint, 1'x6"

"frequent flyers"

-cotton cloth, spray paint 4'x5'

"new york city spirit"

-cotton cloth, spray paint 6"x18"

"overlapping figures"

-cotton cloth, spray paint, 4'x5'

"pink test", 2005

-cotton cloth, spray paint, 2'x2'

"red, black, white"

-cotton cloth, spray paint, 8"x3.5'

"red on my green"

-found canvas, spray paint, 3'x4'


"back sketch (charcoal)"

-charcoal on newsprint, 24"x36"

"centipede mass murder"

-cotton cloth, spray paint, 6'x6'

"don't be a dick, dick"

"don't be a dick", dick (detail)

-mixed media on found wooden board, 4'x8'

"face sketch (charcoal)"

-charcoal on newsprint, 24"x36"

"four heads"

-found canvas, spray paint, 2'x2'


-mixed media on gas mask, 11"x9"

"his dream failed"

-mixed media on found plastic spinning hubcap

"hot crossed bins"

"hot crossed bins (detail)"

-mixed media on wooden planks, 3.5'x6.5'

"large flying messiah", 2006

-cotton cloth, spray paint, acrylic paint, 6'x15'

"shoulder sketch (charcoal)"

-charcoal on newsprint, 24"x36"

"sparkly dark jesus"

-ceramic, 10"x8"x2"

"torso sketch (charcoal)"

-charcoal on newsprint, 24"x36"

"ann the penis coulter"

-mixed media on cardboard, 1.5"x4"


"birth control"

-spray paint on found canvas, 3'x3'

"drinkin' in the smoke"

-acrylic on found board, 4'x5'

"three faces", 2007

-found canvas, spray paint, 3'x4'

"untitled (iraqi flag)"

-mixed media, acrylic paint, spray paint, wooden support, 3'x5.5'



"beelzbastard (live)"

-mixed media, acrylic paint, wooden planks, 3.5'x6.5'

"mart", 2008

"mart (live)"

-stolen shopping carts, spray paint 5'x4x'4'

"not mama, not papa, oprah"

"not mama, not papa, oprah (live)"

"not mama, not papa, oprah" (in-studio audio)

-mixed media, found television, spray paint, 2.5'x2'x2.5'


-found fabric, spray paint, 3'x4'

"patty the deceiver"

"patty the deceiver (live)"

-mixed media, found plexiglass, 25 lightbulbs, electrical wire, 10"x5'

"moby 289"

-mixed media, 3.5'x5'

"car part collection" gathered from

"the use and misuse of transportation"


"untitled skull"

-ceramic, 9"x6"x1'


-ceramic, 4"x3"x6"


-ceramic, 5"x5"x3"

"peeling rhino"

-ceramic, 9"x6"x4.5"

"bob and bonna's bastard love child"

-sculpey clay, human hair, cup 3.5"x4"x9"

"the extension of my american citizenship"


picture 01

picture 02

"ambient walks around the block" (loop


"the use and misuse of transportation" (additional footage shot by joe estes, edited by benjamin herndon)


"texas, smoke, dad", 2009


"one night i saw a ghost; and two demons on my cellphone"


"fridge voyeur and the green glits"


"untitled (edited full version)"


"reflection of the working against the broken (light-hearted womb)"



"leisure, now with techron" (view1)

"leisure, now with techron" (view2)

-wood, car paint, plastic helmet 4.5'x2'x3.5'

"post-9/11 pixelism" (view1)

"post-9/11 pixelism" (view2)

-laminated paper, plumber's tape, found wood, screws, metal 6.5'x4'x4.5'

"rebuilding fragments of the wtc collapse"

-ceramic, plumber's tape, found wood, screws, metal, metal wire, raw solder 2'x3'x3'

"bug sketches" from CHILL WAVE USA (featured on LINK)"


-dragonfly, pencil led, malleable eraser 2" x 2" x .25"


-spider, pencil led, malleable eraser .75" x .5" x 5"


-moth, pencil led, malleable eraser 1.5" x 1" x .5"


"the painting machine" (view1)

"the painting machine" (view2)

-found wood, metal objects, jigger liquor dispensers, mini wine bottles, watercolor crayons 5.5' x 5.5' x 4.5'

"jingoistic directive" (view1)

"jingoistic directive" (view2)

-found wood, found glass, found wheels, reflective mylar, fluorescent light bulb 3.5' x 4.5'

"do i really need an iphone to be an artist?"

-found television, dvd player with video loop 2' x 1.5' x 1.5'


"transamerican wheelbarrow"

-a performance with:

gonzo de sepulveda (facebook LINK)


"hey china, save our economy!" filmed by gonzo de sepulveda


"nest of webpage history" filmed by gonzo de sepulveda


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